Admissions Policy

Master of Divinity and Bachelor of Theology Programs

Admission to the Master of Divinity and Bachelor of Theology programs is granted by the Board of Regents based upon the following criteria and supporting documentation:

1. Acceptance as a postulant (candidate for ordination) from among the Churches of the Traditional Anglican Communion, and those of the Continuing Anglican Church accepted by the Board of Regents. Acceptance as a postulant must be signified by letter from the Bishop Ordinary of the postulant’s Diocese.

2. Successful completion of post-secondary education at an accredited university or college; or an equivalent combination of education and life experience (as determined by the Board of Regents on a case by case basis).

3. Completion by the candidate of the Admissions Application requiring the following information from the candidate:

  • copy of Baptism and Confirmation certificates
  • outline of religious background
  • curriculum vitae setting out both educational and employment background
  • letters of reference from at least three individuals who are knowledgeable about the candidate, one reference of which must be from the candidate’s parish priest
  • medical report from the candidate’s physician, stating that the candidate is of the male sex and in good physical and mental health
  • if married, a copy of the Marriage Certificate; as well as, a letter from the candidate’s wife indicating knowledge of and support for her husband’s admission to the College for the purposes of theological training for the ordained ministry.  [The candidate must also indicate whether or not this is his first marriage or whether he has been previously married.]

4. A short essay by the candidate setting out why he is seeking ordination, how he came to the decision to seek ordination, and his understanding of the ordained ministry within the historic Anglican expression of the Catholic Faith in the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church.

Statement on Reasonable Accommodation for Students

No qualified individual with a disability is excluded from participation in; be denied the benefits of; or be subjected to discrimination in any activity, service, or program of St. Bede’s solely by reason of disability. Each qualified individual with a disability who meets the academic and technical standards required to enroll in and participate in the programs of St. Bede’s is provided with equal access to educational programs in the most integrated setting appropriate to that person’s needs through reasonable accommodation. It is the student’s responsibility to initiate the process for disability services. The process for obtaining a reasonable accommodation is interactive and begins with the student’s disclosure of disability and a request for reasonable accommodations. The student is responsible for providing St. Bede’s with documentation not more than three years old of disability from a licensed professional which sets forth the recommended accommodations. Documentation is required at the beginning of each academic year and instructors should be notified before the start of each course. Student requests for accommodations are considered on an individual basis.